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— Jay Ybarra —

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About Jay

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All artwork posted online is either available as an original, or can be repainted as an original. Jay is available for commissions; call him at 832-880-6899!

Jay Ybarra has lived by the Gulf of Mexico all of his life. He decided to take his passion for music and turn it into his career.

Jay Ybarra


After struggling many years in the business world, Jay unknowingly hit his stride at the request of his children to learn to play the guitar. Discovering a talent he had, he decided to go back to school and get a music degree in classical guitar. One year later, he was already teaching and performing throughout the Greater Houston Area. Two years later, after getting his associates in music, Jay opened up the school of music in the Pasadena area and brought in teachers of many instruments. After four years, it turned out that his talents were not only a blessing but a hereditary gift that also reached his children. The band Jando was formed including Jay, and his two sons, Maximillian and Alexander. Jando has steadily grown throughout the Greater Houston area playing Rhumba Flamenco music consisting of two Spanish guitars and percussion. For the past ten years, Jay has been blessed with living off of his music while getting quality time with his sons.


After a decade, Jay kept wondering what other hidden talents were lying in his gene pool. In September 2013, he walked into an art studio that was offering art lessons. Not knowing where to begin or what even to draw, he dove right in with acrylics and felt at home. His first teacher was so impressed with his work and natural ability, she encouraged him to just go with it. So he did. Remembering one lesson about being original, Jay decided first to learn to operate a camera and capture what he has been seeing all of his life. Jay realized he was quickly approaching a way to show the world what he sees and feels not only through his music but now in art as well. It was time to catch up!

The Art Life

In keeping true with his music and now art, Jay pulled out all the stops and became partners with his friend Rachel Cox. Together they transformed an old day care building  into an art gallery and studio where all are encouraged to find out what is within their grasps. Jay teaches lessons in music and art. His drawing skills lend a hand in his paintings of most things natural and he has been described as a cutting edge artist for his compositions and colors.

Since that day in September 2013, Jay has been steadily working not only his music but his art as well. He passed two juried art shows where he successfully sold. In the Budah Art Show, Jay sold two original paintings and was hired for a commissioned painting. Not bad for his first time ever! Subsequently, after passing the jury for Kerville, he was not only successful in selling four original paintings and one commission, he brought Jando to perform for the event. Jay was met with high accolades and furthermore increased his confidence that he is doing what he was meant to be doing.

Jay respects and appreciates the opportunities and abilities that have been given him. He continues to study music and art and realizes this is only the beginning. He has also shown in Kamme Art Gallery in Sanger, Texas and is currently showing in Friendswood Frame and Art. In the year 2017 Jay has decided to double his art show attendance and is looking beyond Texas.